About NEM Consulting Strategies, Inc.

Reliable IT Services And Support

The technologies used in your business should save you time—not take up and waste more of it. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what happens when you don’t have sufficient managed IT services and IT support in place.

You have more important things to take care of. Stop wasting time (and money) with IT issues that keep you from growing your business. At NEM Consulting Strategies, Inc. we personalize in providing you with personal, one-on-one support for your IT world. When you speak to the the on-site tech, you’re also talking to the project manager and the salesman and the billing department and the President. One voice to answer all questions.

Since 1993, our mission has been to resolve issues for IS Admins, Office Managers and End Users throughout New England, the United States, and the World. References of firms I’ve worked with for over 20 years can attest to the fact that just this one guy somehow manages to always be there when needed.

We Specialize in Microsoft Networking and have the insight and experience to help you implement and troubleshoot your most challenging network environment.

At NEM Consulting Strategies, we don’t sell hardware, we don’t sell software.

All we do is make it work.

Make Your IT Emergencies Disappear

Replace them with lower costs, efficiency, and friendly service