Microsoft 365

Cloud Computing

When you are ready to leave your Earthly Servers and venture into the Cloud, trust NEM Consulting Strategies to make your migration pain free.

We take the worry out of on-premises migrations and Office 365 Cloud Tenant Management for Sharepoint, Exchange & the Microsoft Office Suite. Give your team the ability to easily share and manage content, insight, and applications to seamlessly collaborate between various devices.

SharePoint, Team Collaboration Software Tools

SharePoint empowers collaboration and teamwork with productive team sites for every business, department, and employee.
– Quickly share files, data, news, and resources.
– Customize your site to optimize your employee’s or team’s work.
– Collaborate smoothly and securely with employee’s or team
members within or outside your business, cross-compatible with PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

ZeeDrive for Office 365

Let us introduce you to tools like Zee Drive and the Migration Wizard that turn a simple implementation into an elegant solution.

Zee Drive maps OneDrive for Businesses, team sites, SharePoint Online document libraries, shared with me files and Office 365 group files to network drives, allowing you access to your files as if you were viewing and accessing them from a local file server at work.

Mapped Network Drives

Mapped drives are persistent and accessible when users sign in to their PC or device. Zee Drive manages the mapped drive configuration so you can conveniently make changes to drive mappings to any/all users in your business.

Zee Drive can minimize disruption to the end-users. Users can also execute advanced actions like viewing multiple file version history and sharing their files with their team members directly from their Zee Drive mapped network drives in Windows File Explorer.

Make Your IT Emergencies Disappear

Replace them with lower costs, efficiency, and friendly service