How long has NEM Consulting Strategies, Inc. been around?

Programming and Consulting since 1978. NEM Consulting since 1993. Incorporated as NEM Consulting Strategies, Inc. in 2010.

So NEMCSI is actually just one person. That doesn't seem like a good fit.

If you're looking for a firm to rollout 300 Workstations in a weekend . . . . correct. Not a good fit. However, the benefit of working with a single person company is the absence of confusion and miscommunication. When you speak to the the on-site Tech, you're also talking to the Project Manager and the Salesman and the Billing Department and the President. One voice to answer all questions. References of firms I've worked with for over 20 years can attest to the fact that just this one guy somehow manages to always be there when needed.

enhanced support services

What are the advantages of Enhanced Support Services?

Enhanced Support Services bundles many ad hoc support options into a yearly fee as well as offering proactive network monitoring services. Specifically, access to Free Phone Support, Free EMail and Text Support, no charge for TeamViewer connections, SMTP access, critical system down Server access to Microsoft Support. See the full agreement for complete details.

I don't subscribe to Enhanced Support Services. Why is EMail/Phone/Text Support sometimes free anyway?

If there is billable work that is related to the EMail/Phone/Text support within 14 days, that support is offered at no charge.

Free Phone Support

Free Phone Support for a primary Contact and a designated backup

Free Email & Text Support

Free Email & Text Support for a primary Contact and a designated backup

No TeamViewer Licensing Fees

No Licensing charge for TeamViewer connections, Labor costs still apply

Free Product Research, Quotes & Ordering

Free Product Research, Quotes & Ordering up to one quarter hour per product

Weekend/After Hours/Holiday Callback Support

This does not guarantee availability of a Consultant during these hours, it simply means that a good faith effort will be made to return emergency calls and requests for support outside of the normal business hours of 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Same Hourly Rate for After Hours & Weekend Work

You will not be billed for time and a half or double time for work done outside of normal business hours. Normal business hours are 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday excluding State and Federal Holidays.

Monitor Backup Reports

Monitor Backup Reports for backup systems capable of generating Email Alerts

Monitor Antivirus Alerts

Monitor Antivirus Alerts for Antivirus applications capable of generating Email Alerts

Active Server Monitoring for up to Three Servers

Active Server Monitoring for up to Three Servers running Microsoft Windows Server Software

No One Hour Minimum Site Visit fees

No One Hour Minimum Site Visit fees

Access to Microsoft Emergency Server Support

For certain Microsoft Server system down issues that require Microsoft Technical Support, NEM Consulting Strategies will use their Partner Affiliation with Microsoft to cover the fee normally charged by Microsoft (currently $499) for engineer phone support.

The list of supported products is periodically updated by Microsoft and is subject to verification at the time the support call is placed. Typically, Microsoft offers support only for products that are within the mainstream support window.

The list of currently supported products can be found at:


As of September 10, 2017, that list is comprised of these products/versions:

Microsoft Windows Server 2016, 2012 Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, 2013 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, 2015 Microsoft SQL Server 2016, 2014 Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016, 2013 Microsoft Office 2016, 2013 Microsoft Windows 10, 8